5 Franchises in Delhi NCR worth over 50 lakhs INR

Well if there is a business opportunity fulfilling a good cause and profitable as well with an investment of 50 lakhs to 1 crore there will be no reason why a businessman will not prefer. Here we will talk about top 5 franchises that require an investment of over INR 50 lakhs.

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Growing Franchise Businesses in Delhi NCR

Currently India is one of the leading commercial and economic hubs in the South Asian region. Several international entities are eyeing the country for franchise opportunities. These franchises are helping the companies increase their footprints in India and also playing an important role in the country’s economic development with greater job creation.

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Top Franchises Between INR 30-50 lakhs

The franchise business in Delhi-NCR is on a roll. From international fast food chains to domestic retailers, everyone today is giving franchise. Why not? After all this is something which has a proven track record. So if you are looking for an investment, here’s our guide to franchise businesses by investment from INR 30-50 lakhs.

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Franchise holds a Huge Potential in Delhi NCR

From largely an agrarian economy, India’s northern region has seen sweeping changes in terms of infrastructure development, manufacturing and services. It has consistently outperformed India’s national average in terms of GDP. Today too, in the 21st century, north India remains a hub for the modern business method i.e franchising.

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Boom in Franchise Market in Delhi-NCR

Change in people’s mindset has led to an increase in the number of franchise opportunities in Delhi-NCR. Today every salon chain is developing a franchise model and expanding exponentially. Be it Looks Salon, Affinity Salon or Monsoon Salon & Spa, everyone has their own model of franchise business.

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Best Beauty & Hair Salons in Delhi

Beauty and Salon industry has evolved into a bigger player in the past few decades. The number of beauty and hair salons have increased dramatically all over the country. And in a busy metro city like Delhi, the number of big and small salons is even higher….

Best salon in Connaught Place-Monsoon Salon & Spa

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